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Name That Fish!

We received this message by email from photographer Isidro. If you happen to know which fish they are, please post in the comments below.

Hello, I`m a ``species hunter`` in a different sense, I try to have the maximum possible number of species photographed, either animals, plants, fungus or whatever and including live/preserved, free or captive specimens. All this means that often I must deal with identification issues.

That`s the case with unlabelled or deficient labelled specimens in museums, and now I`m dealing with a bonito, Sarda sp, with no data of locality and exposed as a taxidermy specimen in the Brussels natural history museum. I compared all the species of the genus in FishBase but I only can exclude Sarda sarda, but being unsure about what species is it. Could you help me with this?

Here are the image of the Sarda sp. I also add an image of a unidentified flying fish, labelled only as Cheilopogon sp. (the most speciose genus in the flying fish family... difficult to ID!), also with no locality data and exposed in the same museum.

Thanks for your kindness,


reacties (3)
29-10-2018 01:57:41
Theo Modder zegt : To identify Sarda species, you need a good profile pic, in this pic you don‘;t see the dorsal area of the fish, above that, being taxidermy items, are they accurate representing the original catch or are they paintings ?
Without a geographical catch position this will be a non solvable puzzle.
21-12-2018 19:04:36
Sjors Waterschoot zegt : A better view of the dorsal fin would be appreciated. Considering the horizontal dorsal stripes I‘;m leaning towards Sarda australis, but I just can‘;t be sure without a location...
21-12-2018 19:05:35
Sjors Waterschoot zegt : The flying fish will be impossible for everyone I‘;m sure.

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